Repulse Records 

Rating: 6/10

“If you think (Finnish) death metal is dead, then perhaps it is you who should be dead!” say the guys at the awesome Madrid-ian label Repulse Records. Mmh, if they are right or wrong, judge by yourself, because Adramelech doesn’t make the question any clearer at all.

The MCD contains two new songs (“Seven” and “The Sleep Of Ishtar”), a new version of “Ancestral Souls” (rebaptised as “Captured In Eternal Lost”) and two songs performed and recorded live both from their previous work “Psychostasia”.

The new songs go in the same vein of their previous releases, so you can guess what is it all about. The best song is undoubtly “Captured..”. As for the live songs (“And The Gods Succumbed” and “Across The Grey Waters”), they are good enough to be recorded live, but of course it is nothing compared to the feeling you have when you actually are IN the concert. All in all, a good MCD worth listening to if you like Finnish death metal; the only thing I don’t like about this band is Seppo Taatila’s communist t-shirt, but Europe is (unlike America) is a REALLY FREE nation, and everybody wears what they want, but of course this has nothing to do with music…

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