ANASARCA – Godmachine

Repulse Records

Rating: 7/10

Out of the ashes of Vomiting Corpses and Vae Solis come German band Anasarca. Anasarca play a German-styled death metal (similar to Messiah in the fastest parts yet less melodyc) full of aggressivity and brutality. In fact, immediately after the symphonic overture “The Way Into The Light” begins a grinding maelstrom of ultra-fast brutality with loads of escalating riffs that slaughter you till the ending “Whips And Cries” (Sorry! “Whispers And Cries” that is, what was I thinking about? :) ) Vovals are both screamy (demonlike) and growling, sometimes combining one with each other as in “The Weird Ways”.

No sleep till death (metal), Anasarca will be probably on tour with Swede geezers Centinex by Europe. Hope to see how do they do on stage…

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