Benediction “Grind Bastards” (ENG)

Nuclear Blast


Some time ago there was that rumour that said the band has split-up. As you can see, it wasn’t true and the veteran English deathmetallers strike again with their new album. Unfortunately, after listening to their new CD I guess the expectations have been over the results, because “Grind Bastard” is just another copycat of their previous albums. Neither the awesome guitar work on “Magnicat”, the hardcore influences that flourish on “Neverbomb” nor the guys’ good skills with their instruments bring this album a worth appeal. Undoubtly the best songs are “Deadfall” and “The Bodiless” (with its astonishing “Raining Blood”-like guitar riffing) and the covers they perform (Judas Priest’s “Electric Eye” and Twisted Sister’s “Destroyer”), but this ain’t enough to achieve a good work. The grind bastards have released another typical Benediction album, so you can guess what you can find here. Benediction haven’t changed and probably will never change, but I don’t know whether this is a compliment.

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