Bloodstone – The magazine for Vampires

What is Bloodstone? Well, as explained in page 3,  a bloodstone is, according to a Greek legend, an heliotrope which reflected the sun in the earth as blood red.

However, what we are refering to here as “Bloodstone” is a brand new magazine that deals with all which is related to vampires, nightly blood and the Carpathian way of life. Got it?

After its launch issue, Bloodstone released its first “official” issue, 60 A$ pages plenty of news, articles, reviews, reports concerning Vampyrism. Most relevant articles are a biography of legendary Draculian actor Bela Lugosi, a report on John Polidori’s work, on Vampyre role-playing, an Erzsebet Bathory (who inspìred Cradle Of Filth’s last album “Cruelty And The Beast”), an extremely interesting article on the relationship between sadomasochists, pagans and vampires (with power as the main concept around which the three worlds stem), a large report on “Twins Of Evil” (legendary Hammer-made film) and a killer report on Vampyrism in ancient Egypt (to me, the best article of the mag).

Along with this all a good load of music, video and book reviews is brought showing how wide-spread is the Vlad Tepes’ offspring’s work. Written with a healthy sense of humour, Bloodstone offers all which a vampyre living in this decaying Western Civilization would ask for: quality and quantity all related with Vampyric subjects. Except for the poor artwork design (maquette) and for the fact that most pages are black-and.white coloured, this magazine comes close to excellence. Not forgetting neither gthe nice and b(r)easty gals who embellish the mag…

Darkness upon your world.

You can make you order to London for UK pounds 4.50 or US $ 8.00 – the price includes postage and packing. Payment should be made in UK pounds sterling cash sent via International Recorded mail or via Bankers Cheque in UK pounds.

Bloodstone / Dark Angel Productions
BCM Box 3475
London WC1N 3XX
E-mail: Bloodstone

Rating: 8/10


Review by Metallykon. Webzine Metalzin / Metali-k.o. Reviews

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