CENTINEX – Reborn Through Flames

Repulse Records

Rating: 7/10

If you are told of a Swedish band whose songs’ titles are “Embraced By Moonlight”, “Summon Th Golden Twilight” or “The Beauty of Malice”, you would probably imagine a mainstream, trendy and oversaturating black metal band, and you would be wrong. Centinex are not a bunch of young blackmetallers, but a veteran band that took part of the early 90’s Swedish death metal avalanch (At The Gates, Dismember, Entombed, Dark Tranquillity…) yet still rocking.

Now signed to fabulous Spanish label Repulse Records, Centinex deliver throughout “RTF” all their talent and energy materialized in music, a music which sounds Swedish as hell and has nearly no steps, kicking you in the face from the beginning till the end with their Swedish guitar riffs, their drum machine (Kalimaa) and singer’s electric vocal strings. Speed, aggressivity and striking riffs and simple tunes all around… …the Swedish school is still alive! 8 songs, whereof one is a version of the legendary Italo-German combo Kreator (“Under The Guillotine”)

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