Deeds Of Flesh “Inbreeding The Anthropophagi”

Repulse Records


Nice to see that, though the brutal death metal style is definetely not the mainstream trend in nowadays metal scene, there are bands which don’t give a fuck for this and still leave their blood on the rehearsing room playing this devastating genre, as Deeds Of Flesh do. Throughout this half-an-hour long CD the American combo provide a good bunch of brutal, suffocating death metal songs with no mercy, no piety, nothing that coould degrade the intensity of this sonic massacre. “Inbreeding The Anthropophagi” is a really strong and powerful album, not suitable for wimps who like symphonic gothic doom avantgarde music with orchestral arrengements and celestial female vocals. If you want to keep your conception of aesthetics, then do not listen to this CD, because it is fuckfully molest and disgusting. Just check the sound effects on “Fly Shrine”, “End Of All” or “Gradually Melted” to check how offensive and repulsive these guys can be. I can’t point out any song since they all feel the same: as if your ears were staked by Satan’s trident!!!

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