Ever Eve “Stormbirds”

Nuclear Blast


After their succesful debut album “Seasons” and their tour with Finnish folkmetallers Amorphis, Ever Eve release now their second CD, another dose of exquisite gothic metal. If you liked their previous CD, telling you that this one goes in the same vein should be enough for you to understand that this is worth a while.

The songs are the result of metal riffs, precious piano tunes, gothic melodies, depressive inspiration and excellent arrengements, the latter by the grace of J.P. Genkel (Therion, Lacrimosa, Cradle Of Filth…),  who is the man behind the sound desk.

They can hardly hide their classic music and black metal (over all on singer Tom Sedotschenko’s voice) influences that are added to their music perfectly. Songs like “Fields Of Ashes”, the piano-performed “Spleen” (sang in French I THINK, yet I’m not sure for the promo CD I have does not provide the lyrics) or “A Part Of You” (with a flamenco-like guitar work) speak for themselves: This band has a very bright future forewards, believe me.

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