GOTHIC SEX – Laments

Repulse Records 


Gothic Sex is a ten years old Spanish band whose ”band concept” deals with extreme topics such as sado/maso, gore and violence. This album has been released through Nightbreed in the UK, through Ausfahrt in Germany and now Repulse in Spain (and the rest of the world I think), so it’s up to your choice depending on where do you live.

Musically they play melodyc doom with a gothic atmosphere, basing 80% of the melodies upon the guitar work, which draw the main lines while the male and female vocalists sing, slowly yet appassionattely.

10 songs that as a whole last 40’ that will appeal to those who are into gothic/doom metal bands such as Lacrimosa, Septic Flesh or Love Like Blood and the like.

Oops! I nearly forget to mention it: the CD includes a CD-Rom track that increases the appeal of this by-its-own-right excellent work. Twisted minds, dark sould and horny beings, this is what you were waiting for!!!

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