Infamy – “The Blood Shall Flow” (ENG)

 Qabalah Productions


“Bodily Disembowelment”, “Onslaught Of Carnage”, “Cranial Implosion”, “Putrid Infestation”… what kind of music would you guess a band with such song titles to play? Teen pop? Symphonic avantgarde? World music? No way… Brutal Death Metal is what these angelinos play. Their style is quite slow and heavy, achivieng by doing so a claustrophobic atmosphere in which you drown since the beginning with “The Maggots Are In Me” till the endy “Cryptobiosis”.

The band members come out of L.A. bands such as Brainstorm, Entity or Preacher, but their recognised experience seems not to help much the band since their music is quite boring. You can hardly distinguish which song is which song because the vocals, the music, the performance are one and only, what does the listener bore. I’m sure these guys can do something better than this CD that may uniquely suit to the taste of the most fanatics of brutal death.

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