NIGHT IN GALES – Thunderbeast

Nuclear Blast

Rating: 7/10

Night In Gales became quite famous in the European metal (not so) underground scene by the the release of their previous effort “Towards The Twilight”, but vocals have changed a bit: Now they are less deep and softer yet sharper, and more appassionatted. Melodies are similar, with weighty riffs, perhaps a bit slower and heavier, but the melody lines created by the Basten brothers maffia (Jens Basten and Frank Basten) are also drawn in the background of the songs, which now are more gothic and less deathy. In fact their label calls their style “Death’n’Roll”. The album contains 13 songs, whereof one is the so-called “thunderversion” of their successful hit “From Ebony Skies”. A fairly good album of a fairly good band.

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