Taetre – The Art

Diehard / Emanzipation 

Rating: 3/10

A bizarre and industrial intro gives way to the Megadeth-esque riffs of “My Lament”, combined with faster Swedish-styled melodies, which flourish again in songs such as “Into The Dawn” and throughout the album, actually. Unfortunately, these Swedish-made guitar lines have been cloned by hundreds of bands, so the fan may begin to feel fed up of them. It’s enough with one At The Gates, we don’t need clones! And by many ways Taetre are another Swedish-styled Swedish-made Swedish-played Swedish band, so they hardly bring anything new (apart from the experimental outro “The Return”). So if you are a fanatic who loves everything Swedish, then you’ll most likely love it, but for the rest of us who have eyes, we have had enough and demand something different. As you know, it’s a question of tastes.

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