Daimonion Productions promo-tape

Pest – “Hail The Black Imperial Hornsign”Keep Of Kalessin – “Skygger Av Sorg”Utumno – “Syn Av Ei Ukjend Tid”Daimonion Productions  Laborious Greek underground label Daimonion Productions sent me a promo-tape containing three demos the label has in its rooster. First of all we have satanic Finnish band Pest, whose demo is plenty of grandiloquent titles, but his demo reaches not such a grandiloquent musical talent. They play a Darkthrone-inspired black metal with dirty guitar riffs and drums, which makes them sound quite Norwegian despite being from Finland. Unfortunately, the band lacks the quality Darkthrone has, and so the result is a bit poor. Only the last song “The Opening Of The Eye Of Satan” deserves some attention. Then we have Norwegian band Keep Of Kalessin, a better known outfit. They bring forth their demo “Skygger Av Sorg”, in which we find something better. Guitars provide slow yet dynamic melodies drown in a sorrounding wall of sound under the rhythmic drumming, bedeckened with a raw and sinister voice that speaks of the feelings one can attain by the contemplation of the desolate Norwegian landscapes: solitude, darkness, sadness, sobriety, forsakeness. High quality in the three songs of this demo. Finally we’ve got another band hailing from Norway, Utumno. A frightening intro drowns us into the fantasy world of this band, plenty of castles and knights. Their music is cold and fast, with some tempo and speed changes that help the music being more attractive. Some other keyboard tracks under the main melody also confirms this band’s quality. Third song “Syn Av Ei Ukjend Tid” should be remarked, for it is totally synth-based. Another great band from one of the fatherlands of black metal. Remember this name: Utumno, you’ll surely hear about them in the near future. To order any of the three demos reviewed above, send 1000 dpx or US $ 5 to: Daimonion Productionsc/o Alex AntoniouAgiou Ioannou 685104 KremastiRhodes – Hellas Ratings:

      4/10 (Pest)7/10 (Keep Of Kalessin)9/10 (Utumno)

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