Obscenity “Human Barbecue”

Morbid Records


Throughout the ‘90s many death metal bands have evolutionated and have adopted other syles’ influences (Fear Factory technology, Morgoth industrial, Tiamat mystical, Crematory gothic…) but yet there are some bands who follow the same path they began a couple of years ago. Veteran German band Obscenity still delivers death metal the way they have always played it.

After their succesful third work “The 3rd Chapter”, now the obscene deathmetallers release their new album “Human Barbecue”, an album recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Andreas Schulz at Soundgarden Tonstudio (in their hometown Oldenburg) and that contains their hit song “Human Barbecue” along with other stunning songs such as “Lycanthropy”, “Dress Of Skin” or the CD’s final surprise: an awesome cover of one of Slayer’s most acclaimed creations: “Raining Blood”. a fantastic new album that shows the masterdom of (probably) Germany’s best death metal band.

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