Enslaved – “Frost”

Osmose Productions

Rating: 8/10

The freezing Norwegian weather seems to influence importantly in the bands that hail from that country, especially Enslaved. The three vikings bring us to a time and place where there was no mercy, and neither has their music. “Frost” reveals these guys’ pride towards their land and ancestors, a pride that can only be compared with the one the Greeks feel towards the same.

Dressed in a half-medieval half-sado/maso (see backcover for details) way, Grutle Kjellson, Ivar Bjornson and Trym Torson offer us a piece of the so-called “viking Metal”.

Intro “Frost” heralds the merciless assault of the following songs: “Loke”, “Fenris”, “Svarte Vidder” (my favourite one), etc… follow devastating your ears except at “Yggdrasil” and “Isoders Dronning”, where the speed is lowered and the melodies become more “human”.

All songs are in Norwegian, but the booklet provides the English translation by which I can understand that all lyrics speak on Norse Mythology.

“Frost” is by far better than Enslaved’s previous works. I just hope that the next CD will be even better… Blessed be the enslaved ones! Hail Wotan!!!