Golgotha – “Melancholy”

Repulse Records


Golgotha hails from one of the Mediterranean paradisiac islands, probably one of the most famous ones: Majorca. Although this seems not to help the band to have an optimistic look at life. In fact, throughtout  this album you can find the anguish that sprouts within their souls. The gloomy, sad, melancholic and dark melodies that compose this album shows that even in such a nice, clear and sunny place as Majorca the disease of Doom Metal gets followers. These talentful and technically highly-skilled guys’ music reminds me of Greek gods Septic Flesh (but without so many instruments and parts in each song) but in some places influences of My Dying Bride flourish as well. Their magnificient music is very melodyc yet powerful, with several different passages with pianos (as in “Lake Of Melodies”), female vocals (as in “Lonely” and “Virtualis Demens”), very inspired solos (as the one that appears on “Raceflections”) apart from other appealing arrangements such as synths, keyboards and two instrumental songs, “Lost” and closing “Caves Of Mind”. Besides, other winning-points of the band is singer Amon, who literally leaves his throat in the mic, apart of being able to perform different kinds of vocals, from gutural growllings to “normal” voices (as in “Stillness”). The only failure on this CD is the awful artwork and the low level concerning the lyrics (written in a crap English), but if you pay no attention to these “additional” details, this album is really, really good.