Impaled Nazarene – “Suomi Finland Perkele”


Rating: 8/10

Finnish band Impaled Nazarene may be the extremest band around… …till now. Yeah, if you expect “Suomi Finland Perkele” to sound like “Ugra-Karma”, you’re wrong. The impalers have lowered their ultra-rapid speedy black metal and have released some songs that no one could ever imagine Impaled Nazarene to compose. But the best is that “SFP” is a great, great album. In it you’ll find the typical IN’s ultra-fast songs (“Steelvagina”, “Vitutuksen Multihuipenus”, etc…), but also (melodyc!!! ) songs like “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” or “Quasb (the Burning)” or “The oath of the goat”, the latter even having acoustic tracks!!! Incredible, huh? Maybe one of the most peculiar songs is “Total War-Winter War”, half buffonery half geniousity. Lyrically IN haven’t changed much and keep being as extreme as usual. Maybe a bit more fascist-oriented than “Tol Cormpt…” or “Ugra-Karma”; something noticible on the lyrics on “Total War – Winter War”, “Genocide”, “Ghettoblaster” (titles that speak by themselves), or “The oath of the goat”. So the nazarenes have done a risky move considering the image they reached by their previous works. About the sound, it keeps being very clear and polished.