Thou Art Lord – “Eosforos”

Unisound Records


Thou Art Lord is the Greek Black Metal scece all-star band, for its members play in some of the most famous bands of the Hellenic scene such as Rotting Christ, Necromantia or Varathron, so we can expect but a great album. And it is. We already had seen the band’s quality by their first work, a split-EP with Belgian underground legends Ancient Rites. By the way, this latter band’s leader Günther Theys acts as guest-musician in this album, along with another well-known individual, Mika Luttinen from Finnish sicks Impaled Nazarene. Ok, enough, let’s speak about the music! Well, as an orientation, I better tell you that TAL play right-to-the-bone greek-styled Black Metal, fast and technically skilled, as Greek blackmetal bands use to. Here you’ll find no vilins, cheesy arrangements or keyboards, just pure Hellenic black metal, so wimps find your life-album somewhere else. Apart from some orchestric and weird arrangements, 99% of the album is based upon the guitar riffing and the grinding drumming, as in “Warhammer”. Other remarkable songs are killing “The Era Of Satan Rising” (included in their previous EP) and bizarre “KKK-Kaos Keravnos Kibernetos”. Globally, a great Greek Black Metal album.