Children of Bodom “Something Wild”

Century Media 

Espoo is a finnish town known because its lake Bodom was the scenario of brutal serial killings during the 70s. But now Espoo will also be known because its lake brings now name to a band with a highly promising future: Children of Bodom.

Children of Bodom is what we would obtain if famous speed metal Stratovarius played a Black/Death style similar to Dark Tranquillity’s. Technically perfect and musically talented, Children of Bodom offers a fine mixture of classical Heavy Metal influences (over all, on the guitarwork, deeply touched by the golden fingers of Yngwie Malmsteen) with the extremity of modern Metal bands though they do not forget to add some different atmospheres (whether be they by adding organs or mediaeval keyboards) to bring colour to the album.

Killer song “Deadnight Warrior” (inluded in the 1997 Spinefarm compilation “Metallito”) opens an album that for 36 minutes (7 + 1 hidden “secret”) shows us that the classic ’80s Heavy Metal runs through their veins (Check their song “The Nail” as evidence: pure Motörhead!!!). Out in February.