Marduk – “Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered”

Rating: 5

Swedish blackmetallers Marduk have always been Marduk. It might sound obvious, but what I mean is that this band has always played the same, sounded the same, looked the same. Some may applause this attitude, some may criticize. I won’t do any of the two, but speak on this album. “HSBWWAG” is another ration for the Mardukmaniacs. Those who love Marduk will love this CD while those who hate them will also hate this CD. It could be titled “Dark Endless” or “Those Of The Unlight” or “Opus Nocturne”; it doesn’t matter as it is the same Marduk have always offered. Maybe this LP is even more simple and massacring than the previous, but this is the only differnce I can notice. Marduk have always included a slow song among this destructive tunes, and so do they in “HSBWWAG”. This time it is called “Dracula Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania”. The fast songs have titles like “Infernal Eternal”, “Darkness it shall be”, “The Black Tormentor of Satan”, “Legion”, etc… so you may guess that the lyrics have also remained the same: Topics on Satan, Hell, Darkness…

There ain’t much to add. If you still want more Marduk, this is your CD. If you’d like to try something different, then forget this album.