Moonspell – “Irreligious”

Century Media 

Rating: 6/10

Portugal’s most famous band Moonspell have become extremely popular in many European countries, but in Germany they’re considered real gods. And they surely deserve it. “Under The Moonspell” was a great first step that putted them on the starting grill, and “Wolfheart” confirmed them as one of the most original outfits in Doom / Gothic Metal. “Wolfheart” was a masterpiece and therefore overpassing it was nearly impossible. So it would be stupid trying to superate “Wolfheart”, and pretty cleverly Moonspell have tried something a bit different.

The wolves have released by Century Media “Irreligious”, a work that honestly is not as good as “Wolfheart” was, but is a brilliant LP. There aren’t any folky songs like “Trebaruna” or “Ataegina” nor the arabic influences that appeared on “Under…”, but Irreligious has great songs that will become classics like “Opium” or “Fullmoon Madness”. Fernando’s vocals keep being quite similar to Type O’Negative’s Peter Steele and the team keeps playing as a swiss watch and sound is really clear and clean. “Irreligious” is a worth buying album, but don’t expect another “Wolfheart”.