Rotting Christ – “A Dead Poem”

Century Media

Rating: 7/10

Greek legendary band Rotting Christ have released another CD that means another step forward on the band’s path towards maturity. On the same vein of its predecessor “Triarchy of The lost Lovers”, “A Dead Poem” is a perfect combination of snaking riffs, writhing melodies and hardness with a (still, yes!) Black Metal spirit. Sound is clear, very polished yet powerful and the CD has many arrangements that enriches RC’s music: industrial-like passages, keyboards, acoustic guitars… something really new for a band like RC. Anyway, those who love the classical RC’s guitar riffing sound don’t be afraid coz it still stays in the limelight due to their inspired melodies, something that is most noticed on instrumental “Ten Miles High”. In fact guitar is the most outstanding instrument throughtout the album, both in the riffing and solo-ing.

The album has real jewels such as “As if By Magic”, “Ira Incestus”, “A Dead Poem”, “Among Two Storms” (with guest vocals by Fernando of Moonspell), “Full Colour is The Night”…

Lyrically RC has definetely left behind the BM topics they were used to on their first works and continue the path begun with “Triarchy…”, being all written by both Sakis and Jim (the latter, due to personal reasons has left the band).

RC demonstrates how a BM band can develop itself keeping loyal to its roots. “ADP” is a 100% Rotting Christ’s CD that with no doubt will attract more fans to this dinosauric European BM band.

The artwork is also excellent, and note that with the CD comes enclosed a free Century Media compilation CD with bands like Sentenced, Borknagar, Sacramentum, Alastis, Old Man’s Child, Samael, Tiamat, Sundown, Ulver, etc… A real must for anyone involved in extreme Metal.