Vader “Black To The Blind”

Napalm Records

Rating 7/10

Polish well-known band Vader attack again with another dose of what they do best: pure Death Metal. “Black To The Blind” (title taken out from Alistair Crowley’s book “Book Of The Law”) means no novelty for the eastern deathmetallers. It is not worse nor better, it is more or less the same they have always offered the market, as brutal as ever. Here you’ll find a war machine that suffocates you since the beginning with “Heading For Internal Darkness” till the end with “Black To The Blind”. Guitars fly under a hammering drumming. An outrageous sonic massacre that, though lasts less than 30′, leaves you totally devastated. If the nazi army Wehrmacht was to sound like something, that would be called Vader. Peter (v/g), Mauser (g), Shambo (b) and Doc (d/samples) assures us that the eastern deadly blood still burns. As Unleashed says, hail to Poland!