Bliss “Sin To Skin” (ENG)

Massacre Records

England has a long and strong tradition concerning Gothic music and from that fertile soil new bands appear everyday. But this doesn’t mean that with quantity comes quality, and Bliss brings us the evidence. Formed in 1996, after two demos they got a deal with Swan Lake / Massacre for their first CD. “Sin To Skin” is another dose of boring english goth. The band itself calls it “heavy Depeche Mode” and they are truly honest because thair music is unstandablely heavy and boring as hell! And about the ‘Depeche Mode’ thing, DM is one of the worst bands worldwide, so it ain’t strange that Bliss just get  a 3 out of 10 as mark. The band is supposed to have influencies from Sisters of Mercy and Celtic Frost but they do not have the agility of the gods SoM nor the talent of Celtic Frost but a total lack of composing instinct instead. Bliss is definetely not a bliss (laughs, please!) for the music scene; so no probs if they remain in their island and never come to the mainland. We do not deserve to be tortured by these tipically brit dull and boring guys. Even Alex Krull (leader of german Death Metal band Atrocity)’s mastering doesn’t make it any worther).

If you’re a fanatic of bands like Depeche Mode or The Mission (which means you have no musical sense) you’ll probably like this CD, but if that isn’t your case you better off forget this CD and spend the 10 pounds it would probably cost you in booze, the election will be much better, believe me.