Intestine Baalism – “Anatomy Of The Beast” (ENG)

Repulse Records


Maybe you don’t expect those short, little and weak persons known as “Japanese” to play extremely brutal Death Metal, but fuck, that’s exactly what these guys do not only play but also master! Formed back in 1991 and after a few lineup changes, this awesome Japanese outfit release their first full-length work, 40 minutes of catchy Death Metal melodies drowned into a sea of brutality. Some melodyc guitar-based lines bring oxygen to their brutal-Death Metal-styled songs, performed under cavernous growlings (along with some Glen Benton-like shoutings) and a grinding drumming. Their combination of brutality and melody is so well achieved that sometimes their music seems to be covers of Judas Priest performed by a Death Metal band! (Check the first riff on “Cannibal Sodom” for evidencies) This album is an authentic masterpiece of Death Metal with several song-shaped molnoliths such as “Anatomy Of The Beast”, “Blasphemy Resurrected” or “A Place Their Gods Left Behind”. The rising sun’ sempire hunts all wimps and trendies, and Intestine Baalism is the most suitable soundtrack for the Nippon massacre!!!