Interview with Jackal’s Truth

Geia, George!!! Ti kaneis? kala? Edo Andreas apo webzine Metalzin. Ok,  better off in English…

 What is the meaning of “Jackal’s Truth” name?

The name was inspired by the lyrics of slayer from the”Antichrist” song.If someone read the whole lyrics of this song  will probably misunderstand what we tryed to mean with that .For us jackal’s truth has to do with nature(the purest thing ever created)

In your promo-flyers you describe your music as “deeply emotional ritualistic black metal” What does this mean?

We believe that this description is the most  suitable for our music………

I am still fascinated by your demo. As far as I know, your demo has been a complete success. How many tapes have you sold so far?

Yes, the public reply was incredible and never believed that we are going to reach such high standards! So far (10-1-98)  we have sold more than 900 copies!

How can a fan get your demo? What’s the price?

He can contact with us at: KOSTAS THELOURAS 6 PIERION 41222 LARISSA HELLAS(GR) and do not forget to enclose 1000drc or 5$.

Your demo is presented in a luxury package and lay-out. Artwork seems to be very important…

sure…cause the first impression is very important.This will attract our future fans.Absolutely,the most important is the music but everything has it’s own important part!

About your demo, the only bad point I see is that it is too short. Why haven’t you included more songs? It can’t be due to a lack of time cos you spent 30 hours in the studio…

Basicaly we had composed 5 songs but we didn’t ………….

Talking about songs, how many new songs have you already composed and in which direction do they go?

We have composed 3 new songs(2 of them already recorde)which are more skillful melodic but at the same time more extreme!

How is the composing method? Who writes the lyrics and who writes the music?

The whole music is written by all of us.the lyrics is wirtten by me

Sometimes your music reminds me of Rotting Christ. Do you agree? What are your feelings towards the forefathers of the Greek Black Metal scene? You have even opened for Rotting Christ in Heraklion, Crete…

Rotting christ is the best and the older (black) metal band in greece and also one of the best abroad. So it is not strange that we have some influences from such a band! The live show in crete was incredible.The public was terrific and it was a special experience for us that we played with rotting christ!

By the way we speak on influences, in my eyes you also seem to be influencied by Iron Maiden… What do you think?

Maiden is also one of the best metal bands and also one of the creators of heavy metal scene!Thousands of groups have been influenced by maiden so….,one of them is  jackal’s truth!Up the irons

You include a spoken part in Greek, parts of the artwork is inspired by ancient Greece. How do you feel that glorious age and how does it influence your band?

ayth varieme!

Ok, that’s it. Evhaphstw George!!!