Interview with Evemaster

1.-Hails, Jarno! What’s up in cold Suomi? 
Greetings Andreas. Actually we are having quite warm autumn although it is far away from what you have there in Spain.

2.-Evemaster is (yet) not a very well known band. Could you speak about the band’s history?
We formed this band in August 1996 and we recorded our first demo “In Thine Majesty” in the end of year 1996. Yes, we know that we did our first demo quite fast, but T.Mykkänen had some kind of picture and some ideas for this band almost two years before it was possible to form EVEMASTER. The demo itself got very good reactions from the underground and we got few interesting answers from 3 labels. All went a bit deeper with KTOK Records, so we recorded our 1st full-length CD to them in February-March 1998. A note to people who think that we used two months to record the album: We used only weekends, so it took all in all 9 days to record the album. The result was very good in our opinion and the reviews we got so far approve that as well. Here we are nowŠŠŠ.

3.-I’ve noticed that there are only two people playing in the band. How do you manage to write the songs since you two only have a microphone and a guitar? 
Yes, you are right. It’s not the easiest thing to write songs when you don’t have a real band with which you can rehearse and arrange those tracks better. All honour about our songs goes to the other part of Evemaster, T.Mykkänen, who has done all the songs, lyrics and played guitars, programmed drums and Synths. Although it took much, it is also very free to write songs by that way. I have usually some effect to the arrangements to the songs and of course I try to create something special to our music with my vocals.

4.-How would you define Evemaster’s music if had to explain to anyone who has never listened to Evemaster?
Well, I think it´s just metal with dark feeling. I would not describe it as black metal, because our lyrics are not dealing with satanism and stuff like that. We try to create music that has a lot of atmosphere with moody melodies and harmonies combined with aggressive elements.

5.-What is the meaning behind “Evemaster”? 
Eve word in our name means eve of the nightŠthe time of day, which is dark and very atmospheric like our music. We don’t our music to be called as black metal, because it is not the whole truth. We have a lot of more. Master word is just to describe that we are masters of our own music.

6.-You seem to invest much interest in your website. In how far do you think the WWW can help an underground band to be known? What do you do on the Net to promote your band? 
Yep, of course we want to put much effort to our home page, because in the future the web will be used more and more to spread the information of everything. And as we wanted to have a home page, we wanted them to look as good as possible and include as much as possible information about our band. But to be honest, web isn’t everything we have, because I think people still read more likely the normal magazines etc. We have sent a lot of promos and most of them have gone to normal paper magazines. We have on our home page everything you need to know about our band.

7.-You use many song titles in Latin. What does Latin so attractive to you?
Tomi: Yes, it really seems that way…. well, don’t know actually ’cause I haven’t thought about it really. Maybe they’re better sounding and cooler… ? Well, I have some ideas for new songs already and they aren’t in Latin… Maybe should come up with some interesting names for the next album too…

8.-By the way, my fave mankind age is ancient Greece and the mighty Roman Empire. Which is yours, and in which age and place would you have loved to be born? 
Although I like to read about ancient Greek mythogies and stuff like that I wouldn’t like to born there, because did they have stereos, CDs, computers or metal? No, they didn’t. So I rather stay were I am now.

9.-Your vocals are quite passionated and quite Swedish-styled. Is that done in purpose? Do you feel yourself to be influenced by the Swedish extreme metal scene? 
Done in purpose? No, never!!! I don’t want to sing just because I want to sound like some one else. To be honest, when I started my “vocalist career”, I got my influences from Mille of Kreator and he used to sing that way much before this “Swedish style”. As you can hear, I don’t sound like Mille, because my voice has developed during the years. I did my first projectŠI think it was somewhere in 1991. I have also noticed that voice varies a lot, because of the style of metal you singŠif you sing the songs that have a lot of emotion like our songs, it is so natural to add more emotion to the vocals as well.

10.-What are the things that inspire you to write the lyrics. They are quite “ethereal” as for its meaning is concerned… 
Tomi: The main inspiration is my own feelings about what I see and feel and think. But I can’t deny the fact that I’m a Finn and proud of it and the whole way of living here is a big inspiration for me. The whole ethereal-thing comes from the fact that I don’t want to write those straight forward, to the point lyrics at all. I try to give listeners something to think, you know?

11.-What are your views towards religion? 
I am very neutral about all of these religion questionsŠwho wants to believe something, believes. I rather just believe myself and all the things I am doing, but as I said before everybody should have a opportunity to choose their religion by themselves when they are old enough to do independent decisions, and not for example by their parents.

12.-Ok, close this interview as you like most. Kiito kaikesta! 
– Eipä kestä kiitos vaan itsellesi. (My pleasure, thank you!). Everybody that are interested in us should visit our home page from address: There are a lot of info about our band, samples, lyrics, etc. Visit there and sign the questbook. Our Lacrimae Mundi CD is available from us, send in 80Fmk/16USD to get it.


Interview with Macabre Omen

1.-Geia xara, EvilDark! Ti kaneis?

XAIPE! I`m fine thank you! just got back from England (I`m studying there) and i`ll stay here for the whole summer! I`m not really into warm weather but I think I can last with it for the next 2 months because of the ammount of women that come to Rhodes for vacation… Excellent!

2.-You are involved in some projects (Macabre Omen, Ancient Tragedy > Zine, Daimonion Productions…). Could you explain them a bit?
Aye… Macabre Omen is my band. We have released some demos from which the only one which is still for sale is “Olympus”. We also released a split 7″ with Godblood (Cyprus) via my label Demonion Prod. About my label, I have released 10 demos and 3 7″. I also have a massive mail order list so don`t hasitate to check my site for more info! Finally, Ancient Tragedy is my zine. I released 2 great issues (colored) with the 2nd one being a fine piece of art containing some 40 interviews with The Blood Divine, Impaled Nazarene, Marduk etc. Unfortunately I stopped the zine for the moment because of lack of time. I still work as a co – editor in 4 – 5 other mags / zines so that`s cool too!

3.-Concerning Ancient Tragedy Zine, only two issues have been released. > Why haven?t you released more issues? 
As I said before, because of lack of time. I still do get a lot of promo cds etc but I always review them in the other mags i collaborate with (i.e. SEVENTH SIGN mag, ILL LITERATURE mag., WINTERTOD zine, FROZEN HELL `zine etc). I also have a sub – site in my homepage with only reviews so give them a look!

4.-How did you contact the bands you wanted them to appear on the ATZ?s compilation tapes? Did all bands you requested say ?yes? to your suggestion? Did any band say “No”?
Well, i have contact with a lot of people, bands, labels etc so that`s not a problem! In the begining people weren`t that impressed and some didn`t give a shit… after the success of the 1st issue bands were sometimes beging me to get in the zine and THAT IS NOT A LIE…

5.-I’ve read by there you have a new writer at ATZ, a member of Tatir. Is it true? Please explain…
well, he just made 2 – 3 interviews and that`s it. never saw him from then!!!

> 6.-In the beginnings ATZ was just a zine for Hellenic bands. Why did you leave that idea and included foreign bands?
Just for the first issue! We wanted it to be something special and we did because people from outside got a wider look on what the hellenic scene has to offer!

7.-Daimonion Productions was supposed to be a distribution list, but now you have also begun releasing some stuff (tapes and 7″, as far as I know) Are you satisfied with the response from the underground to your releases? Which band you deal with has been more succesful? How many > copies has this band sold?
I`m very satisfied. People like my work and I appreciate what people do to me! The Keep of kalessin (Norway) demo was very successful (they have now released a killer cd on Avant Garde!), the Lethargy (Hellas) demo (no cd out on Throne Prod.), the Macabre omen / Godblood 7″ and the Drutentus (Hellas) re release demo! All the other demos sell well, and i`m sure that i will manage to sell more copies in the near future! i support all bands with the same level…

8.-You study in England. How do you manage to work for your customers since they write to Kremasti?
Hah! that`s the power of the demon in my mind… Nah, actually i`m every 3 months back to hellas for vacation, so i answer the mail with a bit more delay. My parents also come to england here and then so there`s no problem i guess!

9.-Your Daimonion Productions? website heading refers to Socrates. Why? What do you think of the ancient Greek philosophy and thought (that, as Hellenism has become the basis of European civilization, European civilization has become Western civilization and Western civilization has become the whole world’s civilization, their spirit (“daimon“) still lives…
I`m facinated on the way Socrates was thinking and making things complicated to the ones he was talking with! I also like to read books about philosophy and stuff. Plato has some nice ones and some others too. Ancient tragedies are great too and i think that everyone should read the works of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. The ancient hellenic philosophy and thought lives only in the spirits of the true ones!

10.-Having so many underground tapes, which ten tapes / demos bands would you choose to recommend a BM fan to listen to?
ok, here we go (although 10 are not enough for me):
KEEP OF KALESSIN – Skygger Av sorg
WARLOGHE – The black Tower
MITHOTYN – promo 96
JACKAL` S TRUTH – Dominus Silvae
MOLOCH – Cutting Holy throats
DRUTENTUS – In Frigidis Silvis
WALHALLA – War over Nordland

Some of these bands already have cds but a demo is a demo and these 10 kick ass!

11.-You call Macabre Omen?s music ?melodyc and mystical Rhodian black metal?. What the hell does this mean? 🙂
Well, it means melodic and mystical Rhodian black metal! Haha! It`s our term to describe our music man!

12.-Could you tell our readers what do the lyrics of Macabre Omen deal with?
They combine personal feelings and thoughts with themes from the ancient hellenic mythology and history. Our lyrics are quite unique in comparison with other bands that deal with ancient hellenic stuff because we don`t worship these gods, neither any form of deity like the others do. Gods are for weak individuals! (Well, Alex, I don’t think the old Vikings or Hellenes were weak… …and they believed in the gods! In fact, the gods are a source of strength and might!!! -ed)

13.-I see you?re quite influenced by ancient Greece. What is your opinion on it?
It`s our culture, it was once destroyed and I`ll try to reborn it (not all characteristics though). I hate christianity… it`s the worst form of religion and you can see that by reading any part of mankind`s history!!! I`m also fascinated by the ancient hellenic art (theatre, poetry, philosophy, painting) and culture (way of living).

14.-What do you think of neo-paganism? Do you think we will be able to revify the religion of the ancient Europeans and concretely of our proud Greek ancestors?
I don`t think we can do that but we might keep a balance. Nowadays christianity looses a lot of followers so that`s something too. However, i always follow my path and try to be what i am… and not follow other organizations!

15.-You?re releasing all your works (demos and 7?) through your own label Daimonion Productions. Haven?t you sought a deal in other labels? Don?t you think it would be better to send your promos to labels in order to reach a deal? (If you have already done this, I don?t know)
Well, so far yes… but the new Macabre omen will definitely be out on a serious label! Hope we get a deal soon!

16.-Now two controversial questions…
Rhodes is quite close to our biggest enemy?s borders: Turkey. What do you think? Do you feel safe there? Many problems occur there because of the aereal and maritime borders…

I know that and I hate that! I don`t panic or am frightened by them… i hate turks because they destroyed us in the past and there`s no possibility we can ever live eaceful together. Not all Turks are the same and i`m not a fascist if i talk with an individual turk, but as a race and a country i can`t say that they are one of the best on the globe!

17.-If you were called on to join the Hellenic army in order to fight against Turkey in real warfare, would you join? Would you mind killing a person in case of warfare? Which political strategy do you think best to be applied to our relationship with the turks?
i`m not that much into politics… i`ll join the army only if i don`t have to cut my hair and if they don`t treat me like shit but like a proper individual being! I actually ahte the army because i don`t like others to tell me what to do as if being some kind of slave! i`m not an anarchist as some might think but the way the army is today is not reasonable…

18.-Ok, that?s all. Feel free to end this interview up…
Well, thanx a lot for the support! Keep up the good work from where you are! Support the true underground! It`s not that hard… there`s almost nothing left of it!


                                c/o Alex Antoniou (Evil Dark), 
                                       Agiou Ioanou 6,
                                       Kremasti 85104,
                                       Rhodes / Hellas

email :
U R L:


Avulsed – “Eminence In Putrescence” (ESP)

Avulsed es la banda de Dave Rotten y, depués de haver sacado algunas cosillas como 7”s, Eps y MCDs ahora sacan por fin su primer álbum de larga duración a través de la própia discográfica de Dave Repulse Records.

Su música es bastante brutal y sofocante, no extremadamente rápida pero ágil y fresca. Algunas partes rápidas se intercambian con partes más lentas y pesadas con lo que las canciones no se hacen aburridas y con unos breaks entre sus buenos riffs bastante bien ejecutados. Algunos solos -a cargo del lead Cabra- nos demuestran el buen hacer de este chico con los dedos sobre las 6 cuerdas.

Uno de los aspectos más interesantes del álbum es la letra de las canciones. Mientras que en muchos grupos Death son bastante cutres y con un significado inexistente (sólo son el ensamblaje de palabras “mortuorias” que no son más que un montón de mierda), las de los madrileños son verdaderas historias, jodidamente enfermas (no puedes esperar nada más de una mente tan desviada, no?) y, por eso, jodidamente divertidas. Los Avulsed son una fiesta; no traen ningún mensaje ni politico ni religioso ni social, son solo puro entretenimiento y, en lo que a se refiere a la música, una verdadera eminencia en la brutalencia!!!

Avulsed – “Eminence In Putrescence” (ENG)

Avulsed is Dave Rotten’s band, which, after having released several 7”, Eps and MCD, now release their first full-length CD through Dave’s own label Repulse Records.

Music is quite brutal and suffocating, not extremely fast but agile and fresh. Some fast parts give way to slower, heavier ones not to bore and well-executed at their breaks. Some solos in charge of lead guitarrist Cabra (“Goat”) show his skills with the fingers on the 6 strings.

One of the most appealing aspects of “Eminence In Putrescence” is the songs’ lyrics. Despite many Death Metal bands’ lyrics are definetely crap and meaningless, Avulsed’s are real stories that are worth by themselves. Stories are quite sick (you can’t expect anything else from such a deviated mind) yet funny. I’m not sure whether he takes his lyrics seriously, but if he did and published his stories he would surely win the Nobel!!! They bring no message, neither political nor social no religious; lyirically Avulsed are pure entertainment, and, as for the music, a real eminence in brutalence!!!

Captor – “Dogface” (ESP)

Algunos podrían pensar en Suécia como un lugar del que no puede proceder ningún tipo de odio o aversión considerando que se supone que es un “paraíso en la tierra”, pero varias bandas que vienen del citado país nos han demostrado ya que esto dista de ser cierto. Después de los Misery Loves Co. y de los Meshuggah, ahora los Captor se nos muestran para exhorcizar (se escribe así?) el dolor y la rabia que yace en las almas de estos chicos.

“Dogface” es una provisión sin tregua de segadores riffs, melodías pesadas como el infierno y palabras de odio arrancadas de las sangrantes cavidades de la garganta del cantante Magnus Fasth (convenientemente vestido de Adidas, por supuesto!!!). El sonido, a pesar de ser ultra-crudo, es tan limpio que hace que los riffs de Fredrik y del nuevo hacha Jonnie (que substituye al despedido Niklas Kullström) sean aún más dolorosos!

Las influencias de bandas como Korn, los Sepultura de “Roots”, los Ten Minute Silence o los Coal Chamber son obvias, pero esto es más que una crítica un cumplido pues los Captor son una banda bastante prometedora en el espectro de la música que ellos tocan. En resumen, una buena patada en las pelotas del paraíso sueco.

Captor – “Dogface” (ENG)

Some may think of Sweden as a place from which no anger or loathing can come from considering it is supposed to be kind of a “paradise on earth”, but several bands which hail from that country shows us this ain’t true. After Misery Loves Co. and Meshuggah, now Captor come to exhorcize the pain and the rage that lay in these guys’ souls.

“Dogface” is a non-stop delivering of harvesting riffs, heavy as fuck melodies and words of hate uprooted from the rightly-dressed-with-Adidas-gear screamer Magnus Fasth’s throat. The sound, though being ultra-raw, is clean so as to make Fredrik and new axeman (replacing farewelled Niklas Kullström) Jonnie’s guitar riffs hurt even more!

The influences of bands such as Korn, late Sepultura, Ten Seconds Silence or Coal Chamber are obvious, but this is rather a compliment for the band than a critic, for that makes me think of Captor as a high-promising band in the spectre of the music they play. Globally, a good kick in the balls of the Swedish paradise.

Interview with Ochros Iskios

1.-Hails, Iskios! To start off somewhere, could you introduce with a few words your band Ochros Iskios? What is exactly Ochros Iskios?

Ochros Iskios was started by me as black ambient / darkwave project with all music made exclusively with computers. I started the project at the same time as my black metal band HYDRA, in late 1995. I created Ochros Iskios because I felt that I had some music that only would suit with synths. But some of the Ochros Iskios music was first arranged for guitar in HYDRA, but later I changed it so it would suit in the Ochros Iskios songs. When you hear the forthcoming HYDRA demo “POLEMOS” you will recognize some music from Ochros Iskios. The influences of Ochros Iskios are quite varied but I usually say it’sa mix of N.A.O.S. and Ordo Equilibrio, judge yourself.

2.-So far you seem to have recorded 3 demos (Makedonias, Achaia and Efthanisia). Could you speak a bit on them and which are the concepts / lyrics behind them?

Basically it tells about stories about every of these locations. Eftanisia is about legends and myths from the seven Ionian islands. That’s why you can hear a litlle folk influence on this demo. Achaia is about the proud men and warriors of Achaia, that’s why I’ve got marching drums in every song of that demo.

Makedonias tells not only about Filippos and Alexandros land but also about the recent quarells with the ex Jugoslavians.

3.-Ochros Iskios is a one-man band. Why is this so? Moreover, how do you manage to do it all yourself? I know technology plays an important role in it all …

Ochros Iskios is a one man band because there can only be one Iskios. Everything is made with one computer and the most of music just comes to me when I work so then it’s just to type in the music.

4.-My fave song is “Achaian Storm”. Could you tell us how was it born, and what is the meaning of the song? Is it in any way a tribute to the legendary Achaian warriors?

“Achaian Storm” is also the song I’m most satisfied with and the main melody was something that I had played with for a while on the guitar. Then I played it on piano and realised that it was sounding very good. Later I found out that it sounded even better with marching drums. The rest of music was just something that came to me while I was writing the song.

5.-It seems to me that you’re extremely influenced by mighty Hellas. What are your feelings towards Greece?

I see Hellas as the cradle of culture and the birth of western civilazation. I don’t want to write my poltical opinion here, as I have recieved lot of shit after my statements about the Turks on Cyprus.

6.-Moreover, how do you foresee the future for Hellas when so many incidents and conflicts happen so oftenly around Greece with Turkey, Cyprus, Albania, the ex-Jugoslavian republic of Skopje (who claim to be Macedonians)?

I think that the Cyprus question will be solved some time. First of It’sa Greek Island, the Cypriots speek Greek, but in 1974 or when it was the Turks got the idea to invade Cyprus beacuse the turks of Cyprus felt threatened. Anyway if the Turks want to become a member of the European Union (EU) they will have to release Cyprus that’s said by someone, I don’t remember who it was. But when will Turkey be able to become a member of the EU? Their human rights are a joke. Military everywhere, even on the beaches. I mean how fun is it to take a swim when there’sa drunk Turk with a machine gun watching you. But Turkey and Greece will not start a war, you see both countries are members of NATO. I don’t think NATO would allow any of it’s members to fight eachother. In the Albania question I’m not so well informed so I don’t to say something in this except that there’s coming more and more albanians to Greece every day. If Albania wasn’t so fucked up as a land Greece should invade it, it was once ours. In the Macedonia question we all know how it is, these skopje clowns are fakes. They have nothing with our ancestors to do. And the idea that they wanted the sun found on Filippos coffin is a fucking joke. They have nothing to do with it. Macedonia – 3000 years of Greek civilization!

7.-By the way, one of your songs is titled “Makedonias”. It is a very repetitive and monotonous. Was it done in purpose to create an aetherical atmosphere or what?

The whole demo is very monotonous, and that’s because I was in that mood when wrote the music. I believe that music should be lengthy to get the right atmosphere.

8.-I know that you play along with Ochros Iskios in several other bands. What are their names, and what kind of music do you play with them?

Well first of all, we have HYDRA. This is my greek black metal group in which we play primitive black metal, some say it sounds like a little more melodic than Darkthrone. The remarkable thing about HYDRA is that we don’t use any keyboards, acoustic or clean guitars or clean vocals. It’s just extreme black metal. There has been various line-up changes, but today it’s as follows: Iskios-guitar / backing vocals, Dusk (from Siebenbürgen) – vocals. We are the two stable members of HYDRA, then we have a session drummer and bass player.

The second of my bands is NATTFROSSA. This is the group which I lay most of my time on. We play folklore metal with female vocals. Two demos has been released and a third will follow in the Autumn.

Then we have DIMNESS, a Death Metal project started 1993, later it turned more black metal. Nowadays we hardly ever rehearse, but it’s said that we will release a last Death / Black demo which will kick ass for the lord.

At last we have our drunken metal project FUNERAL FUCK, we play bloodcore, with bad music and musicanship and that’s beacuse we are drunk we record. Anyway it’s fun.

9.-You seem to be a die-hard black metal fan. What does black metal make so special in your eyes? How do you see the scene?

Well, I can’t say that I’ma diehard BM-fan. As first of all I’m no Satanist, I’m an Atheist and I can understand Satanists as I also dislike christians and I see those as the weaker ones. But I am a patriot.The black metal I like is (Of course) the Greek one. Especially Agatus, Zemial, Legion of Doom. Otherwise I don’t like international black metal that much. With the exception for Darkthrone (Nor) and Sigh (Jap) which are two fucking great bands. The scene is quite fucked I think with a lot of shitty bands. Anyway other great metal is German Kreator and Accept, that’s what I call metal.

10.-What about the future? What are the next moves for Ochros Iskios? Maybe looking for a deal?

Actually I don’t know for how long I will continue with Ochros Iskios as I dont feel any inspirations for making this kind of music anymore. But this will probably change when the summer’s over. I think I will send the Achaia demo to some companies, maybe “Cold Meat Industry” or something like that.

11.-Ok, that’s all. Close this interview as you like most, and may the gods be with thee.

Thanks a lot for the interview Andreas, and remember …. The Members of the HYDRA order recalls: “If you choose to criticize, you choose your enemies. “

Evemaster – “Lacrimae Mundi”

Ktok Records

Rating: 7/10

This is the first release that comes to my hands from this (to me) unknown Finnish label. From the finish-ing finnish (I am a funny guy, yes? :)) lands hail these two guys along with a few session musicians to scream out the hatred they inbreed within. Yes, their desperate vocals and passionate riffs give their music a dark and suicidal atmosphere that makes your bones tremble. There are some calmer parts however, as the clear vocals in “Pandemonium” and “Embraced” or the Iron-Maiden-esque chorus of “Whispers”, a classic Heavy Metal influence that also flourishes in “Archways”. The intensity of the recording is undeniable, yet some parts make it more tasty such as the keyboards of “Equinox Nocturne” or the violins and war soundtrack that appears in “Lacrimae Mundi”. All in all, a good load of half-Swedish styled half-Maiden-esque aggressive metal from the master of eves.

Gorgoroth – “Destroyer”

Nuclear Blast

Rating: 7/10

Norwegian second-line black metal band Gorgoroth’s name is taken from J.R.R. Tolkien’s celebre book “Lord Of The Rings” and the dungeons in which evil breeds, and the name really fits with the band’s music because their music is definetely the spawn of the horned (and not less horny) one! Really a pure sonic holocaust.

“Destoyer” is a 8-tracks CD with the typical -and kep in purpose- dirty and unpolished Norwegian sound, over all on songs such as “Slottet i det Fjerne” and “Bloodoffer” (it sounds quite similar to Ulver, more or less) that leaves no chance to any break or tranquil passage, instead is aggressive as hell throughout the album, both in the faster songs (“Destroyer”, “Open The Gates…”) and the slower-tempored songs (“Om Kristen Oj Jödisk Tru” – do I have to translate the title?- which has a II WW’s drumming and “The Virginborn”).

The band’s fourth work is quite lineal yet some details (the chants on “Pa Slagmark Langt Mot Nord”, for instance) make it more tasty. The only failing point is production, quite poor (yes, I know Gorgoroth are not Arcturus and want it to be this way, but…!) that could be improved much more. In three words: Wehrmacht made music.

OVERLIFE – “Between Passion And Madness”

Goldtrack Records

Rating: 8/10

Heavy Metal is definetely not my fave musical genre, but as I got this promo CD in my hands I decided to check it out and see. And what do I find here? Well, an excellent German-styled piece of classical HM, in the vein of Helloween or Gamma Ray, you know, melodyc guitar lines, rocky riffs and a good dose of speed :). As for the lyrics, the promo does not provide them so I can’t tell you, but the singer could be the re-incarnation of Michael Kiske, with an extremely sharp voice and a very talented performance in his singing. His vox are so Kiske-esque that sometimes you think it is not a guy who sings but a fucking woman!

The CD contains 7 songs and lasts 42 minutes; the songs being quite epic, as the drumwork on “Victims Of The Holocaust”, with some calmer parts as in “The Promised Song”, and finally the CD closes with an epilogue which is nothing but a terryfying piano opus. In short, a stunning debut for this unknown (at least for me) Spanish band you all guys into German HM should listen to. Great work, guys, yet I have to mention a single handicap: the cover and the band’s logo, which are mega crap and can be ok for a demotape but ruins the band’s image! (and that is real pity, because the band is really excellent!)