Evemaster – “Lacrimae Mundi”

Ktok Records

Rating: 7/10

This is the first release that comes to my hands from this (to me) unknown Finnish label. From the finish-ing finnish (I am a funny guy, yes? :)) lands hail these two guys along with a few session musicians to scream out the hatred they inbreed within. Yes, their desperate vocals and passionate riffs give their music a dark and suicidal atmosphere that makes your bones tremble. There are some calmer parts however, as the clear vocals in “Pandemonium” and “Embraced” or the Iron-Maiden-esque chorus of “Whispers”, a classic Heavy Metal influence that also flourishes in “Archways”. The intensity of the recording is undeniable, yet some parts make it more tasty such as the keyboards of “Equinox Nocturne” or the violins and war soundtrack that appears in “Lacrimae Mundi”. All in all, a good load of half-Swedish styled half-Maiden-esque aggressive metal from the master of eves.