OVERLIFE – “Between Passion And Madness”

Goldtrack Records

Rating: 8/10

Heavy Metal is definetely not my fave musical genre, but as I got this promo CD in my hands I decided to check it out and see. And what do I find here? Well, an excellent German-styled piece of classical HM, in the vein of Helloween or Gamma Ray, you know, melodyc guitar lines, rocky riffs and a good dose of speed :). As for the lyrics, the promo does not provide them so I can’t tell you, but the singer could be the re-incarnation of Michael Kiske, with an extremely sharp voice and a very talented performance in his singing. His vox are so Kiske-esque that sometimes you think it is not a guy who sings but a fucking woman!

The CD contains 7 songs and lasts 42 minutes; the songs being quite epic, as the drumwork on “Victims Of The Holocaust”, with some calmer parts as in “The Promised Song”, and finally the CD closes with an epilogue which is nothing but a terryfying piano opus. In short, a stunning debut for this unknown (at least for me) Spanish band you all guys into German HM should listen to. Great work, guys, yet I have to mention a single handicap: the cover and the band’s logo, which are mega crap and can be ok for a demotape but ruins the band’s image! (and that is real pity, because the band is really excellent!)