Septic Flesh – “A Fallen Temple” (ENG)

Holy Records


Greek masters of doom/death Septic Flesh release their new full-length CD “A Fallen Temple”, a half-new half-old album since 4 of the 10 tracks of the CD is the digital remake of their succesful first MLP “Temple Of The Lost Race”. The other 5 songs are new plus a darker version of “The Eldest Cosmonaut”, one of the new songs.

The new “metal” songs go in the vein of their previous album “Ophidian Wheel”, while two songs (“Underworld (Act I)” and “Underworld (Act II)”) are two great operistic songs at which the supreme female soprano Nathalie Rassoulis (who, as evidence of her talent, runs her own musical career in traditional Greek music with megamajor Virgin) and a male barytone perfrorm the characters of this magnific and theatrical opera that prove this Greek combo’s compositive talent.

The “metal songs” are also 100% Septic Flesh, with loads of melodies, powerful guitar chords (“Brotherhood Of The Fallen Knights”), killing solos and with their brutal, deep vocal growlings over their gothic (listen to “Marble Smiling Face”, pure Paradise Lost!), avantgarde deathy music. In short, another masterpiece delivered by the dreamlords… a real must. Don’t you miss it!!!