Captor – “Dogface” (ENG)

Some may think of Sweden as a place from which no anger or loathing can come from considering it is supposed to be kind of a “paradise on earth”, but several bands which hail from that country shows us this ain’t true. After Misery Loves Co. and Meshuggah, now Captor come to exhorcize the pain and the rage that lay in these guys’ souls.

“Dogface” is a non-stop delivering of harvesting riffs, heavy as fuck melodies and words of hate uprooted from the rightly-dressed-with-Adidas-gear screamer Magnus Fasth’s throat. The sound, though being ultra-raw, is clean so as to make Fredrik and new axeman (replacing farewelled Niklas Kullström) Jonnie’s guitar riffs hurt even more!

The influences of bands such as Korn, late Sepultura, Ten Seconds Silence or Coal Chamber are obvious, but this is rather a compliment for the band than a critic, for that makes me think of Captor as a high-promising band in the spectre of the music they play. Globally, a good kick in the balls of the Swedish paradise.