Interview with Macabre Omen

1.-Geia xara, EvilDark! Ti kaneis?

XAIPE! I`m fine thank you! just got back from England (I`m studying there) and i`ll stay here for the whole summer! I`m not really into warm weather but I think I can last with it for the next 2 months because of the ammount of women that come to Rhodes for vacation… Excellent!

2.-You are involved in some projects (Macabre Omen, Ancient Tragedy > Zine, Daimonion Productions…). Could you explain them a bit?
Aye… Macabre Omen is my band. We have released some demos from which the only one which is still for sale is “Olympus”. We also released a split 7″ with Godblood (Cyprus) via my label Demonion Prod. About my label, I have released 10 demos and 3 7″. I also have a massive mail order list so don`t hasitate to check my site for more info! Finally, Ancient Tragedy is my zine. I released 2 great issues (colored) with the 2nd one being a fine piece of art containing some 40 interviews with The Blood Divine, Impaled Nazarene, Marduk etc. Unfortunately I stopped the zine for the moment because of lack of time. I still work as a co – editor in 4 – 5 other mags / zines so that`s cool too!

3.-Concerning Ancient Tragedy Zine, only two issues have been released. > Why haven?t you released more issues? 
As I said before, because of lack of time. I still do get a lot of promo cds etc but I always review them in the other mags i collaborate with (i.e. SEVENTH SIGN mag, ILL LITERATURE mag., WINTERTOD zine, FROZEN HELL `zine etc). I also have a sub – site in my homepage with only reviews so give them a look!

4.-How did you contact the bands you wanted them to appear on the ATZ?s compilation tapes? Did all bands you requested say ?yes? to your suggestion? Did any band say “No”?
Well, i have contact with a lot of people, bands, labels etc so that`s not a problem! In the begining people weren`t that impressed and some didn`t give a shit… after the success of the 1st issue bands were sometimes beging me to get in the zine and THAT IS NOT A LIE…

5.-I’ve read by there you have a new writer at ATZ, a member of Tatir. Is it true? Please explain…
well, he just made 2 – 3 interviews and that`s it. never saw him from then!!!

> 6.-In the beginnings ATZ was just a zine for Hellenic bands. Why did you leave that idea and included foreign bands?
Just for the first issue! We wanted it to be something special and we did because people from outside got a wider look on what the hellenic scene has to offer!

7.-Daimonion Productions was supposed to be a distribution list, but now you have also begun releasing some stuff (tapes and 7″, as far as I know) Are you satisfied with the response from the underground to your releases? Which band you deal with has been more succesful? How many > copies has this band sold?
I`m very satisfied. People like my work and I appreciate what people do to me! The Keep of kalessin (Norway) demo was very successful (they have now released a killer cd on Avant Garde!), the Lethargy (Hellas) demo (no cd out on Throne Prod.), the Macabre omen / Godblood 7″ and the Drutentus (Hellas) re release demo! All the other demos sell well, and i`m sure that i will manage to sell more copies in the near future! i support all bands with the same level…

8.-You study in England. How do you manage to work for your customers since they write to Kremasti?
Hah! that`s the power of the demon in my mind… Nah, actually i`m every 3 months back to hellas for vacation, so i answer the mail with a bit more delay. My parents also come to england here and then so there`s no problem i guess!

9.-Your Daimonion Productions? website heading refers to Socrates. Why? What do you think of the ancient Greek philosophy and thought (that, as Hellenism has become the basis of European civilization, European civilization has become Western civilization and Western civilization has become the whole world’s civilization, their spirit (“daimon“) still lives…
I`m facinated on the way Socrates was thinking and making things complicated to the ones he was talking with! I also like to read books about philosophy and stuff. Plato has some nice ones and some others too. Ancient tragedies are great too and i think that everyone should read the works of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. The ancient hellenic philosophy and thought lives only in the spirits of the true ones!

10.-Having so many underground tapes, which ten tapes / demos bands would you choose to recommend a BM fan to listen to?
ok, here we go (although 10 are not enough for me):
KEEP OF KALESSIN – Skygger Av sorg
WARLOGHE – The black Tower
MITHOTYN – promo 96
JACKAL` S TRUTH – Dominus Silvae
MOLOCH – Cutting Holy throats
DRUTENTUS – In Frigidis Silvis
WALHALLA – War over Nordland

Some of these bands already have cds but a demo is a demo and these 10 kick ass!

11.-You call Macabre Omen?s music ?melodyc and mystical Rhodian black metal?. What the hell does this mean? 🙂
Well, it means melodic and mystical Rhodian black metal! Haha! It`s our term to describe our music man!

12.-Could you tell our readers what do the lyrics of Macabre Omen deal with?
They combine personal feelings and thoughts with themes from the ancient hellenic mythology and history. Our lyrics are quite unique in comparison with other bands that deal with ancient hellenic stuff because we don`t worship these gods, neither any form of deity like the others do. Gods are for weak individuals! (Well, Alex, I don’t think the old Vikings or Hellenes were weak… …and they believed in the gods! In fact, the gods are a source of strength and might!!! -ed)

13.-I see you?re quite influenced by ancient Greece. What is your opinion on it?
It`s our culture, it was once destroyed and I`ll try to reborn it (not all characteristics though). I hate christianity… it`s the worst form of religion and you can see that by reading any part of mankind`s history!!! I`m also fascinated by the ancient hellenic art (theatre, poetry, philosophy, painting) and culture (way of living).

14.-What do you think of neo-paganism? Do you think we will be able to revify the religion of the ancient Europeans and concretely of our proud Greek ancestors?
I don`t think we can do that but we might keep a balance. Nowadays christianity looses a lot of followers so that`s something too. However, i always follow my path and try to be what i am… and not follow other organizations!

15.-You?re releasing all your works (demos and 7?) through your own label Daimonion Productions. Haven?t you sought a deal in other labels? Don?t you think it would be better to send your promos to labels in order to reach a deal? (If you have already done this, I don?t know)
Well, so far yes… but the new Macabre omen will definitely be out on a serious label! Hope we get a deal soon!

16.-Now two controversial questions…
Rhodes is quite close to our biggest enemy?s borders: Turkey. What do you think? Do you feel safe there? Many problems occur there because of the aereal and maritime borders…

I know that and I hate that! I don`t panic or am frightened by them… i hate turks because they destroyed us in the past and there`s no possibility we can ever live eaceful together. Not all Turks are the same and i`m not a fascist if i talk with an individual turk, but as a race and a country i can`t say that they are one of the best on the globe!

17.-If you were called on to join the Hellenic army in order to fight against Turkey in real warfare, would you join? Would you mind killing a person in case of warfare? Which political strategy do you think best to be applied to our relationship with the turks?
i`m not that much into politics… i`ll join the army only if i don`t have to cut my hair and if they don`t treat me like shit but like a proper individual being! I actually ahte the army because i don`t like others to tell me what to do as if being some kind of slave! i`m not an anarchist as some might think but the way the army is today is not reasonable…

18.-Ok, that?s all. Feel free to end this interview up…
Well, thanx a lot for the support! Keep up the good work from where you are! Support the true underground! It`s not that hard… there`s almost nothing left of it!


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