Jackal’s Truth – “Dominus Silvae”

Passage Records

Rating: 9/10

This demo is probably the best one I have ever heard in my whole life. Music is absolutely superb and so is the production, the sound and even the tape’s artwork and lay-out (full-coloured leaflet with ultra-professional lay-out just like an “official” tape; providing also the lyrics). Jackal’s Truth hail from one of the homelands of Black Metal, Greece, and during december ’96 they locked themselves up in Studio 5 in Athens and for nearly a week they recorded this masterpiece. “Dominus Silvae” begins with a marvellous instro-mental called “Opening… The Veils Of Wisdom”. Afterwards comes “Jackal’s Truth (Part I & II)” which is a great, fabulous mix of greek and scandinavian black metal. It has loads of melodies, just like the third and last song “The Nameless City”, which has female vocals and a cryptic speech in Greek along with a fantastic guitar solo and a guitar riffing that reminds me of Rotting Christ’s legendary “Thy Mighty Contract”. A godly demo from a godly band. Jackal’s Truth have come to rule. Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi lay miles behind…