Tenebrae – “Hypnotech”

Shiver Records 

Rating: 4/10

Ok, here comes finnish band Tenebrae’s CD “Hypnotech”. It is another product of the weird mind of Jussi Heikkinen, whose musical efforts seem to be endless. For those who don’t know, Jussi is also the mainmind behind Soulgrind, Walhalla and the Dark Shivers Site. This, taking in consideration that in each band he plays the guitars and the bass, sometimes sings, sometimes deals with the recording, produces, conceives and designs the artwork and so on. Anyway, what really matters here is the music. Tenebrae plays industrial Metal like a harvesting scythe: With short, dry and cutting riffs and a slowdrumming and with angry screams spitted in the mic. Thought the CD is akin to Death Metal, I can’t label it “DM” because neither the vocals are growls (except for the track “Hypnotech”) nor the atmosphere they create is Death Metal’s (speed, brutality, suffocating riffs) but weird melodies with not less weird arrangements. During the 38’ that this CD lasts Tenebrae drags us through Slayer-alike riffs (“Wounds”), sick riffing (“Real Life Massacre”and in nearly all songs) and anger displayed everywhere enstrengthened with industrial “sounds” (not to call it “noises”) as in “TrancequakE” or the ending track “Motorsexmanifesto”. As a curiosity, tell you that the booklet doesn’t provide the lyrics but comments on each song instead. In summary, a CD recommended for industrialmetallers into weird stuff.