Diabolique – “Wedding The Grotesque”

Diabolique is famous CD art-work-ist Kris Wahlin’s band. Unfortunately I have to say that he’s better at designing than at composing music.

I never had heard of this band before but neither do I wish now to have. Their music is quite slow and heavy. Vocals follow this trend too because they’re very sluggish and grave. In no parts of this CD you can feel speed. If you like music to be slow and full of repetitive guitar riffs under a solemn vox then it’s ok you’d like “Wedding The Grotesque”, but to me it is quite boring. Useless to say that most of the songs sound the same, or to say the least, quite similar. Therefore if you like a song you’ll surely love the full CD, but if you do not (like me) then you can get tremendously bored. I guess the band’s intention at making this CD was to do something gothic, dark, slow, deep, gloomy. And, fuck me, they have achieved it! But maybe over an hour (the CD lasts 63’) of these feelings is more than needed! Definetely too gloomy, this CD should more properly titled “Wedding The Boredom”.