Soulgrind – Whitsongs

Well, here is the return of the well-known Finnish band. This tape features 4 songs taken from their forthcoming album “Whitsongs”, which is planned to be released through Regress Records containing 13 songs. This is just an advanced tape, but guess it is orientative for the entire album.

Similarly to what Amorphis did (basing the lyrics on their albums “Tales From The Thousand Lakes” and “Elegy” upon the Finnish national polebooks “Kalevala” and “Kanteletar”), this Cd’s lyrics is based upon the poems of finnish author Eino Leino, a XIX century poet who wrote on the folktales of Suomi (aka Finland).

Their promo-flyer says it has a folk doom/black touch, but… In reality, it still retains the classical industrialoid feeling of all Jussi Heikkinen’s works, but this time accompanied by novelties like nice female vocals, acoustic guitars performing half-folky tunes and the sort of elements that are supposed to make Death Metal become Doom or anything trendier, as in the first two songs. Some vocals are quite blacky (I don’t know who sings since 3! guys are credited to perform vocals in this tape: Jussi himself, Agathon and T. Mac Launone), but not very loud; it gives place to the guitars, that, in my eyes, are too loud mixed. <br>

The tape finishes up with the fourth song “Tuuri”, which has a catchy classical-music melody that may be the best track in this frankly good tape. I honestly look very forward to have in my hands the full-length CD! Check this out, guys, it’s worth!