Interview with Charon

1.- Charon is still a not very well-known band. Could you summarize in a few lines the band’s history?
J-P:”Charon started in 1992 with very brutal death metal and did four demos and one music-video before having a record deal with Emanzipation/Diehard productions in 1997. In year 1995 I joined to the band as a new singer and that’s also the same moment when we started to record the “pilgrimage”-promo95. Now we’ve just released our debut album “sorrowburn” and the promotion is on so it has kept quite busy. Our style has changed a lot on the way to this day, but dark roots of metal has kept us on the right way on this race.

2.- Why did you choose the name “Charon”? What is the relationship between the band and the mythological being who brought the souls of the dead through the lake Styx to Hades with his boat?
J-P: Maybe when the name was found for the band it has some deeper meanings as you just explained. Right now we don’t think those meanings would matter that much anymore, it’s just the name of the band but it’ll remind us for the roots that we have since 1992, but everyone has to grow.

3.- I see you very influenced by bands such as Paradise Lost and Sentenced. What do you think? 
J-P: I’ve heard that before. Of course, surrounding atmosphere and bands and nature(!) and everything around you can influence you, but it’s only matter how you’re going to use those influences. I admit that one of my very favorite band is Paradise Lost and if you can hear influences from them in our music, then I’m impressed! Actually I’m listening music as many styles as possible and I’ve noticed that best influences comes from different styles if talking about music-influences, but the best element of taking influences will always be the nature!

4.- If not, which are your influences? Concretely, what is your top 5 playlist right now?
J-P: Okay, here’s mine play list and it’s the top five in 14.9.1998 2:20am!!

  1. Dan Swanö : Moontower (!!)
  2. Type o Negative : Bloody Kisses
  3. Paradise Lost : One Second
  4. The Black Crowes : Three snakes and one charm
  5. Iggy Pop : American Caesar

5.- The bio says your singer entered the band as a background vocalist, but turned afterwards into the leading singer. Can you explain this?
J-P: That’ll be me! All righty! We just noticed after few rehearsals before recordings of “pilgrimage” that hey, let’s bloody do it this way and yes, so we did!

6.- The cover is supposed to symbolize the growing of mankind. How do you foresee the future of human life on earth?
J-P: ”We all are going to die!!! But seriously, the cover should remind something about our mortality that we have. It’s about us how we’re using our time here. We are just passing by here and I think when we die, we should do it the most beautiful way.

7.- What about touring? Any plan to do a tour soon?
J-P: “We have negotiated with our record company about a tour, but we haven’t settled anything yet. Everything happens in time but can’t promise anything yet.

8.- You attracted interest from some labels. Could you tell us which ones showed interest and why did you finally sign with Emanzipation/Diehard?
J-P: I could say at first that none of the labels wasn’t that interested as EMZ/Diehard, so that is the number one reason why we are in there now. We did like about the deal they offered and else but after one year working with them, I could say that they’re more like friends for us in the company, and that is one hell good reason why it’s so relaxing to be there. Cooool!!!

9.- You seem to be quite young. How old are you, and in how far do you think age influences a musician’s work?
J-P: Our middle-age in the band is something about 22. I think that music is growing with your age if you want it to be so. I don’t mean that when you are 40 or 50 you will play some kind of polka or any folk-music, of course you can play death or anything if you want so, but I mean that getting older always riches the music and it will always be more ripen than before if you’re lucky.

10.- “Sorrowburn” seems to make your label expect many copies to be sold. Convince with three reasons the reader to buy your CD. Moreover, how many copies will be printed of “Sorrowburn”?
J-P: Don’t know specific amount of the copies so I won’t lie anything if I stay quiet about it, only thing I can say for sure is that we printed more copies than first was purpose. Three reasons to go to the store and BUY the “sorrowburn” are: 1. You don’t have no courage to steal it. 2. You don’t have no ammo in your shotgun. 3. I have noticed that girls are about to have some kind of vibes towards Finnish metal and they’re very impressed if you own “sorrowburn” (incl. Your motha’). But seriously I think that this is what you’ve been looking for, try it and you’ll find out how deep the Finnish love to metal can be!!!

11.- Ok, that was all. Close this interview as you like most.
J-P: “White dreams of sour relish, four candles in virgins nest…” Hope to see you all in this year or the beginning of ’99. Greets’ for you in Spain!!!