Interview with Evemaster

1.-Hails, Jarno! What’s up in cold Suomi? 
Greetings Andreas. Actually we are having quite warm autumn although it is far away from what you have there in Spain.

2.-Evemaster is (yet) not a very well known band. Could you speak about the band’s history?
We formed this band in August 1996 and we recorded our first demo “In Thine Majesty” in the end of year 1996. Yes, we know that we did our first demo quite fast, but T.Mykkänen had some kind of picture and some ideas for this band almost two years before it was possible to form EVEMASTER. The demo itself got very good reactions from the underground and we got few interesting answers from 3 labels. All went a bit deeper with KTOK Records, so we recorded our 1st full-length CD to them in February-March 1998. A note to people who think that we used two months to record the album: We used only weekends, so it took all in all 9 days to record the album. The result was very good in our opinion and the reviews we got so far approve that as well. Here we are nowŠŠŠ.

3.-I’ve noticed that there are only two people playing in the band. How do you manage to write the songs since you two only have a microphone and a guitar? 
Yes, you are right. It’s not the easiest thing to write songs when you don’t have a real band with which you can rehearse and arrange those tracks better. All honour about our songs goes to the other part of Evemaster, T.Mykkänen, who has done all the songs, lyrics and played guitars, programmed drums and Synths. Although it took much, it is also very free to write songs by that way. I have usually some effect to the arrangements to the songs and of course I try to create something special to our music with my vocals.

4.-How would you define Evemaster’s music if had to explain to anyone who has never listened to Evemaster?
Well, I think it´s just metal with dark feeling. I would not describe it as black metal, because our lyrics are not dealing with satanism and stuff like that. We try to create music that has a lot of atmosphere with moody melodies and harmonies combined with aggressive elements.

5.-What is the meaning behind “Evemaster”? 
Eve word in our name means eve of the nightŠthe time of day, which is dark and very atmospheric like our music. We don’t our music to be called as black metal, because it is not the whole truth. We have a lot of more. Master word is just to describe that we are masters of our own music.

6.-You seem to invest much interest in your website. In how far do you think the WWW can help an underground band to be known? What do you do on the Net to promote your band? 
Yep, of course we want to put much effort to our home page, because in the future the web will be used more and more to spread the information of everything. And as we wanted to have a home page, we wanted them to look as good as possible and include as much as possible information about our band. But to be honest, web isn’t everything we have, because I think people still read more likely the normal magazines etc. We have sent a lot of promos and most of them have gone to normal paper magazines. We have on our home page everything you need to know about our band.

7.-You use many song titles in Latin. What does Latin so attractive to you?
Tomi: Yes, it really seems that way…. well, don’t know actually ’cause I haven’t thought about it really. Maybe they’re better sounding and cooler… ? Well, I have some ideas for new songs already and they aren’t in Latin… Maybe should come up with some interesting names for the next album too…

8.-By the way, my fave mankind age is ancient Greece and the mighty Roman Empire. Which is yours, and in which age and place would you have loved to be born? 
Although I like to read about ancient Greek mythogies and stuff like that I wouldn’t like to born there, because did they have stereos, CDs, computers or metal? No, they didn’t. So I rather stay were I am now.

9.-Your vocals are quite passionated and quite Swedish-styled. Is that done in purpose? Do you feel yourself to be influenced by the Swedish extreme metal scene? 
Done in purpose? No, never!!! I don’t want to sing just because I want to sound like some one else. To be honest, when I started my “vocalist career”, I got my influences from Mille of Kreator and he used to sing that way much before this “Swedish style”. As you can hear, I don’t sound like Mille, because my voice has developed during the years. I did my first projectŠI think it was somewhere in 1991. I have also noticed that voice varies a lot, because of the style of metal you singŠif you sing the songs that have a lot of emotion like our songs, it is so natural to add more emotion to the vocals as well.

10.-What are the things that inspire you to write the lyrics. They are quite “ethereal” as for its meaning is concerned… 
Tomi: The main inspiration is my own feelings about what I see and feel and think. But I can’t deny the fact that I’m a Finn and proud of it and the whole way of living here is a big inspiration for me. The whole ethereal-thing comes from the fact that I don’t want to write those straight forward, to the point lyrics at all. I try to give listeners something to think, you know?

11.-What are your views towards religion? 
I am very neutral about all of these religion questionsŠwho wants to believe something, believes. I rather just believe myself and all the things I am doing, but as I said before everybody should have a opportunity to choose their religion by themselves when they are old enough to do independent decisions, and not for example by their parents.

12.-Ok, close this interview as you like most. Kiito kaikesta! 
– Eipä kestä kiitos vaan itsellesi. (My pleasure, thank you!). Everybody that are interested in us should visit our home page from address: There are a lot of info about our band, samples, lyrics, etc. Visit there and sign the questbook. Our Lacrimae Mundi CD is available from us, send in 80Fmk/16USD to get it.