Interview with Sundown

Swedish gothicoid band Sundown was born out of the bones of metalband Cemetary. They came to Barcelona supporting Paradise Lost, and after the show we could catch up leader Matthias Loldmalm for a few questions. His answers weren’t certainly long, but neither was my questionnaire as I had to improvisize the interview (I was waiting for Paradise Lost’s drummer, with whom I had arranged to meet).

It’s your first time playing in Barcelona. How have you felt like playing here? 
It was ok, we had fun.

It is said that the NorthEuropean audience is colder than the SouthEuropean. Is it true? 
Yeah, definetely.

You started as a Death Metal band (referring to Cemetary), but now you’ve gone more into Doom Metal and all this stuff, half gothic half doom… 
No I think we’re more industrial.

This is the way you would describe your music? 
Yes, I don’t like to describe music but maybe that’s more contemporary goth.

Coming from Sweden, there are a lot of black metal bands up there. How do you feel that scene? Are they as extreme as they’d like to be? 
No, they’re a bunch of kids. They don’t really scare me nor impress me.

Paradise Lost had a few problems with the so-called “Norwegian blackmetallers”…
Yeah, one time I heard… Not much. I mean, I used to know most of those people when I was in Cemetary, so…

Before with Cemetary, Matthias Loldmalm, you were the leader and composed nearly all songs, something like what Greg Macintosh does in Paradise Lost, huh? 
No, Johnny and me compose half the material, fifty-fifty.

What about the new LP? 
The next one? I don’t know, probably fifty-fifty as well. But we do everything together. I don’t really know.
[Andreas notes that the question referred to the new CD itself (already composed songs, style, time to be released… ) not on how would it be composed]

About your label, is it ok? 
Yeah, good people.

They promote you? 
Definetely, very nice people, very very nice.

Well, that was all. After my mate Xavier asked him for introducing his radioshow, we had to leave him. As you may expect from a Swedish, he was sympa though short.