Xytras “Passage” (ENG)

Century Media

Xytras? What the fuck is Xytras – I thought when I got the CD in my hands. I played it on the CD player and I realized what I was having: Samael’s last album “Passage” played with classical instruments! I couldn’t believe it, but in the end I had to accept the unskippable: swiss Metal band’s brainman Xy has arranged the successful last CD “Passage” and plays it with pianos, cellos and violins! The arrangement is done quite professionally, what proves Xy’s musical talent (apart of having been the producer of some other masterpieces like Rotting Christ’s last CD “A Dead Poem”, which surely has helped him to learn more on arrangements and production). The best song is probably “Ein Mensch im Kopf”, but the entire album (recorded in the Mountain Studios in Montreaux, Switzerland, and produced and mixed by famous guy Dave Richards, who has also worked with David Bowie and Queen) is absolutely worth listening and, for those who are into both Samael and classical music, a real must.