Interview with Godblood

Do you know any band from Cyprus? Well, there is a little yet efficient scene in that not less little island. From the ultimate confins of Europa comes band Godblood to show how black metal doesn’t need to be played fast to transmit darkness and evil. Sometimes low music makes the message stronger… and that is Godblood’s purpose.

Xaipe, Deceased! Ti kaneis?
Xaipe Andrea, eime arketa kala …

Well, first of all, congratulations for your album. It really rocks! Could you speak a bit about how was it composed, recorded and produced? Are you satisfied with the final result?
– The composition of the songs was mainly done by me and Adorian, changing ideas and thoughts, the final result was ok, a bit rush though, sure it could been better, but of course the result prove our cult feeling.

Godblood released “Those Funeral Times” through your very own label Throne Productions. Did you seek any deal with any other label or you always had in mind since the beginning that you wanted your album to be released through your label?
– From the very beginning of the foundation of Throne I wanted our debit to be released through my own label.

Your style is quite different to what the mainstream black metal bands do. Was it done in purpose to differentiate yourselves from the “common black metal style “or is it just a matter of influences?
-We play what comes from inside of us, this is our cult style and it ends up like that due to our thoughts and ideas and of course our influences … The reason that we are still keep playing is the joy of composition of new dark arts that comes from our personal depression … darkness …

By the way we speak of influences, you seem to be very touched by bands such as Black Sabbath. What do you think? Moreover, which are your influences?
-Sure Black Sabbath is an influence to all the metal bands, we are also influences from Venom, Kreator, Rotting Christ, Celtic Frost … we are listening to variety of styles.

Bearing that in mind, would you call your music “black metal”?
– I dont want to label our music, but is more or less a cult metal release. Just listen to our music and follow that dark trip and be lost forever …

Your flyer says that “Those Funeral Times” will be released in a limited quantity. Why?
– All the Godblood releases are limited, so we want to continue in this way … we think that our releases should be limited for the true fans.

What about playing live? Have you done any concert already? I’ve read you will play with Armaggedon this december and with Rotting Christ soon … what can people expect from Godblood’s lyrics?
-We have played twice with our friends Rotting Christ in 1995 and 1998 and once with Nightfall in 1995. We have played a lot of times with our home mates Armageddon. Playing live is great, we always have great support from our fans. About our lyrics people can expect a free dead condition form in a psychological diversion with sudden change of pictures.

Lyrics: What do they speak about, what does inspire you to write such lyrics?
-They speak about experiences, thoughts, ideas … its a kind of mental disorder in combination with the surprising exchange of insane pictures …

The thanks-list is quite funny: you occupy 28 text lines while all the other members altogether only occupy 5 lines!! Anything we should know?
-I do all the contacts, so I know too many people, I am also the founder of the band from 1991, so that’s why.

Why is Panas credited as Godblood’s drummer if he only played drums in one song (“Spring Delight”) while the other songs were played by Chris Ioannides? Can you explain this?
-Panas is in the band from 1995, due to his military duties, he couldn’t help us in the recording sessions, he is still a Godblood member and he is also our live member. Chris helped us in the past.

Whose idea was to include the acoustic version of “Spring Delight”? I mean, I really like it!!! It was a wonderful idea, indeed!
– The decision to that was made by Adorian, and we all welcomed that idea as it was a great experience and a chance to play something different, acoustic that is with whispering vocals, a different side to the first version, the other mystical side.

What about Throne Productions? Is it difficult to start a label in nowadays’ European metal scene? How were the beginnings and in how far have you been accomplishing your first challenges?
-Yep is difficult, you have to concentrate on your work, my first challenges have been accomplishing, I’ll have new challenges as music is my life.

Let ‘s speak on somewhat controversial issues: What about living in Kypros? How does it feel to live there when there are so many problems with our “friendly” neighbours the turks? How are your relationships with the northern part’s turk invaders?
– This is pity, but due to the American interest and our stupid politicians what can I say.

Last question. What does the word “Enosis” mean to you?
-Nothing, everyone is free

That ‘s all for now; thanks a lot, and may the Gods be with thee!
-Sometimes my mind is drifting away, or maybe all the times  drowned in everything and nothing comes in me, therefore I follow that trip that is free and leads me to something I just don’t know why should I know, memories should leave me alone in time but what is time, I just don’t know, I will follow a black thing  that follows me or flows in me, forever confused into eternity

Contact us, send $ 15 (packing & postage included) for purchasing our cd
P. O. BOX 20414, NICOSIA 2152, CYPRUS
FAX / TEL: 00357-2-332224