Abramelin “Abramelin” (ENG)

Repulse Records


This old Australian combo once known as Acheron released this album in early 1996 through Thrust Records, but since their label was very small, the CD wasn’t nearly available for any Death Metal fan anywhere beyond Australia. Now Spanish label Repulse deals with this CD’s distribution through its worldwide network of distros. Unfortunately, I have to say that this album deserves not so many efforts. In fact it’s just another brutal death average album. Personally I’ve heard millions of bands that play the same Abramelin plays. Despite some good riffs, some good ideas and some good solos (as the one that appears on “Grave Ideals (Nekromaniak)”) and the awesome drumming (drummer Evan Herriot is pretty good), the band can hardly distinguish themselves from the rest of Death Metal bands that play this style of music all over the world. Some parts are good (over all, the fastest ones, resembling Vader in some places), but others aren’t much worth (not to call them “real crap” and “shitty”). I dare to recommend them to spend more hours with their ears on the baffle when really genius bands such as Immolation or Incantation are played. I even would say that the best song of this CD is the Dead Can Dance’s song “Cantara” they cover as farewelling song! An average rating for an average album.