Concert review: Paradise Lost, Sundown, Uncle Meat

Paradise Lost, Sundown, Uncle Meat

Venue: Zeleste, Barcelona
Date: 18 Nov 1997

English band Paradise Lost came to promote their last CD “One Second” and brought with them their clone band Sundown and the nearly unknown band Uncle Meat. Unfortunately, the Barcelona’s heavy traffic made me come late to the venue and thus I missed Sundown, whose show i was very looking for as it was their first time in Barcelona. Therefore I can only report Paradise Lost’s gig
At five minutes past22’00 a bizarre tune began and introduced the band. The gothicmetallers played as a perfect engine, with no mistakes. Their new look shocked a bit in the beginning, but their brilliant show made us forgive their new look; Greg looked like a woman with his new haircut. Besides I definetely missed Aaron’s famous helix hair when he bangs hos hair like a total freak (as he used to do). The set-list was mainly centered in their last CD’s songs, but also included classics like “Pity The Sadness”, “Remembrance”, “True Belief” or a magnificent “Embers Fire”. Out from their last CD they played “One Second”, “Blood Of Another”, “Say Just Words”, “This Cold Life”… The concert lasted 1h 20m and, after a short break, they kicked our asses with a killer “As I Die”, which finally was the last song. In a few words, a great concert that proved why PL have become so popular. You may like or not their last CD, but no one can deny that they play like a fucking Hi-Fi!!!
One last thing: Strangely enough Nick warned us that smoking causes cancer. OK, Nick, thanx, I’ll tell the world cos it seems to me that no one knows that, huh?