Ebony Tears “Tortura Insomniae”

Ebony Tears is a a Swedish band that is the rightful inheritor of the At The Gates’ throne. Conny Jonsson (g), Johnny Wranning (v), Thomas Thun (b) and Iman Zolgharnian (d) have composed a CD upfulled of [can I say this in English?) of melodies, fast riffages, throne-ripping screams, 100% At The Gates-styled.
Some acoustic parts, some folky violins and some female vocals (5 years ago it was nearly impossible to find a Metal band with female vocals, now it’s impossible to find a Metal band without’em – I hope this trend dies soon and thus brutality and aggression revives!!!) performed by Carina Olsson, some true Death Metallic growlings (both over all on “Involuntary Existance”) bring some colour to this LP.
One of the most remarkable things is the lyrics’ topics. This LP could be a concept-album because all songs show Conny Jonsson (who writes the lyrics along with all the music)’s hate towards life. A few samples of these lyrics follow: “The pain grows stronger everyday”, “Years and years of pain, my life’s coloured grey”, “21 years of pain is more than I can take”, “If you could see inside of me and taste my bitter life you would see an empty soul drowned in misery”, “Tomorrow will bring bitterness and fragments of hate”, “Life is pain”, “If you could see the agony I’m building up inside” and so on. Hey, Conny, think it twice and don’t suicide. Reasons? Well, “Tortura Insomniae” is a good album, your music is something worth; guys, buy his album and maybe thus we’ll save him from the lady dressed in black’s arms!!!