Left Hand Path – “Demo I” (ENG)

Despite you may think so, these guys are not Entombed fanatics but fanatics of the Norwegian black metal style. Their music is fast black in the vein of Immortal, that is, not very original stuff and a kind of music we’re not very used to listen to from the bands that hail from the fertile Greek lands (possibly it is trendier to play nordic-styled black). The tape has 3 songs, from which the best track to me is the outbreaking “The Day I Will Be Buried”. Average black metal. If you are an incredible devourer of black metal and want to get their demo (it costs 3 dollars) then write to:

Kostas Filipopoylos
Sikotyri 12

Review done by Jaime Arjona from Spanish free zine Divine Zine. Hails to him.