GRAVE DIGGER – “Knights Of The Cross”

Gun / BMG

Rating: 6/10

Neither Heavy Metal nor Christianity appeal to me, so when I got this heavy metal band’s CD that lyrically dealt with the legend of the crusaders and the Christian fight to “alliberate” the s-called Holy Land, I wasn’t too happy to listen to the CD. And, after having listened to it carefully, well, there ain’t much to say: Typically German Heavy Metal. Sometimes pretentious, sometimes alright, but the musical approach is quite basic, and Chris Boltendahl’s singing is also quite childisch, lyrics are extremely poor (just compare them to those of Cradle Of Filth) and simple, in the vein of Manowar so to speak: swords, crosses, knights, battles and so forth: nothing new indeed. I suppose that was the reason why Manowar became so succesful: their message was so simple that everybody could understand it and therefore join the “cult”. I guess this is the way Heavy Metal fans like HM to be and theerfore i don’t expeect it to change… …unfortunately. The only remarkable things are the speed of “Lionheart”, the acoustic guitars of “The Keeper Of The Holy Grail” and the bagpipes on “The Battle Of Bannockburn”