RUINATION – “Visionary Breed”

Goldtrack Records

Rating: 8/10

Hmm… Lithuania? Where the fuck is Lithuania? I have just checked my Europe’s map and still haven’t found it on the map! (Joke) Anyway, what counts here is the music, and I have to say it’s really good! They show many Paradise Lost influences, which mainly flourish on the guitarwork and the singer’s way of atoning the lyrics. Most of the songs’s tempo is quite slow, with gothic-rocky melodies with a metal touch, yet in another ones, as in “Never”, the acoustic guitars achieve importance over all and the speed is diminished till becoming kind of a ballad.

Anyway, I respect very much the nations which struggle for its independence aand sovereignity, so I congratulate Lithuania for having freed herself from two of the biggest pestilences at the same time: Communism and Occupation. Freedom is a European valour and all European nations shoud enjoy it thereafter! These lines of course have nothing to do with my CD reviews’ section, but I wanted to express my feelings on the history of my beloved Europa… …and as this is MY VERY OWN e-zine I write what I WANT! I won’t restrict myself at my own e-zine, would I?